Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Some more info...

Well, today I swam a mile (that's 64lengths in a 25metre pool)....not that that's particularly interesting really! I need to start getting into a training routine, I need to be swimming most days but doing some weight training too. Life is starting to get back to normal now so it will be easier to get into a proper routine.

So...for those of you who have no idea about this....the shortest distance across the Channel (from Shakespeare Beach, Dover to Cap Gris Nez near Calais) is about 21 miles. However, with tides and boats and weather and all those other things to take into account, it can end up being over a 30-mile swim! It usually takes somewhere between 12-16hours to complete, with the record being just under 7 hours. The water temperature is usually 15-18degrees Celcius (that's cold!!!!). The main reasons for people not completing the swim are bad weather and the cold.

There's also the issue of course of all of the weird and not-so-wonderful things that can be found floating in Channel's a paragraph from one of the training articles:
"Whilst you may have a completely uneventful day other swimmers may report jellyfish, some oil, tar, seaweed, plastic bags, pallets, fridges(!!!), floating timber and even pink elephants".

While I'm not not so worried about the elephants, the thoughts of jellyfish freak me out, I guess on the day you just keep on going though. Also...
"Our observers frequently report seeing shoals of fish, seals and dolphins, turtles have also been reported and there is always the remote possibility of sharks, swordfish and whales, all of which are seen from time to time in UK waters." don't bother me, and I actually think that the dolphins and turtles would be kinda cool...but sharks??? I thought that they only liked warm water...and warm it definitely isn't!! And I'd imagine that it would be pretty scary coming across a whale too...

Anyway....even with all of that I still want to do all adds to the challenge! Any other volunteers?!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What is this all about?

I'm planning to swim the English Channel in the summer of 2009. Why? I'm insane I guess...or I just like a challenge. It's always been on my list of things that I want to do, and I figure now is as good a time as any to start training for it!

I'm currently in the planning stages, I've been reading lots of websites about what's involved and now I'm starting to get in touch with people who may be able to help me with training and advice. I'm starting to put lengths in in the pool, but I also need to start getting into the sea (brrrr!) once I find people to swim with.

Anyway, I figure that this will be an easy way of keeping people updated on what I'm doing and how it's all going...