Thursday, December 20, 2007

Booked =o)

So looking at my lack of structured training so far, I've decided that 2010 isn't the best idea, it's too far away and too hard to get motivated for. So I decided to ask Ned about my options for 2009, at least then if there was nothing available my decision would be made one way or the other. So he very kindly emailed Mike Oram (one of the best Channel pilots) for me and asked if he had slots on either his boat or his son's boat in 2009. And he responded with some dates in September 2009 :) So I'm now booked in with a 3rd place slot for the 11th-16th of September, 2009!!! So what that means is that there are two people ahead of me for that timeframe, and when both of those have swam then it's my turn. I have a pretty good chance of getting to swim with a 3rd place slot and it's a good time of year because the water will be warmer than earlier in the summer. Just fingers crossed for the weather!!

I don't think that it's actually sunk in yet that I'm after making a committment to do this. But I'm sure that it will eventually.

So I guess that my New Year's resolution is going to have to be to get into a proper swimming training least it's one that I can't afford to break!