Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sick again :(

So up to a couple of weeks ago my training seemed to be going pretty well, I was getting some distance in in the pool and starting to get used to the cold of the sea....and then I got a head cold. And I can't manage to get rid of it :( It started out as a sore throat and progressed to a full head cold. And the sore throat just won't go away-a few days I've thought it was gone only to wake up to it being there again the following morning.

So last week was a disaster as regards swimming, I got into the pool on Tuesday night to find myself as sick as ever Wednesday morning. So I took it easy for another few days and got back into it again this week just gone. I'm finding that my fitness has gone way down in that short amount of time, workouts that should be easy are killing me! And my throat is still sore most days, but it seems to be that way regardless of whether I swim or I'm going to keep swimming and just hope it gets better!

So the plan is to get back down to Sandycove this weekend, it's a long weekend here so there are swims all three days, so for now I'm going to try to make all three but we'll see how it goes. The weather is supposed to be horrible all weekend (typical for an Irish long weekend!) but I'm going to try to make myself go anyway-the weather might be horrible the day I swim the Channel!

I'll update after the weekend and hopefully report on how the three swims went!

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M said...

hey Lisa
try to get some active manuka honey, its brill for the throat, i use it for the same thing
get well soon