Thursday, January 24, 2008

Swimming club

Since I started looking into Channel swimming I've had lots of people ask me what club I swam with. And when they heard that I don't swim with a club, their big piece of advice was..."join one"! It's good for making sure that you don't get bored of swimming on your own, it's good for giving you a push...even if you never want to swim competitively...and it's nice to not have to figure out a workout a couple of times a week.

So I went along to the Sunday's Well Master's swimming tonight and really enjoyed it. After swimming on my own the last while it was nice to be in with lots of others who were all doing the same program and not getting in my way!! And it's good to make me realise that there are 3 other strokes out there too!! I HATE backstroke, so I tend to keep away from it and when I swim breaststroke on my own I take it way too easy. And butterfly kills me!!! So this will be a challenge for me to keep up with the others on those strokes.

I can't ever see myself swimming competitively (I'm too slow!!), but I think that I'm really going to enjoy the training. A couple of sessions a week that I don't have to plan myself...lovely!

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