Monday, January 28, 2008

Slow week

Well, despite joining a swimming club and also having a nice long 3,600 metres swim on Saturday morning, it's still been a pretty slow week for my training. I only managed to get in 3 workouts with a total of 7,100 metres over the week. A big part of the problem is that my car is off the road for good and so I'm relying on lifts and borrowing a car and buses to get everywhere, which means that I don't have as much ability to squeeze in a trip to the pool between things. Once I get a car sorted I should have a bit more flexability...or at least less of an excuse anyway!

The workouts themselves are going well, I'm finding that I'm a little faster than I was and I'm getting used to timing myself and pushing myself to get a distance done in a particular time. I really enjoyed the longer swim on Saturday too, I think that at least until I start getting into the sea I'm going to try to put in at least one of those per week. And speaking of the sea...I think that I'm going to aim for the Easter holidays to start getting in will still be very cold at that stage but at least it will only be getting warmer from then on!!

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Rajesh Munavalli said...


I just got back from a long vacation and saw your email. Wow...I cant even imagine doing something like that. Thats really awesome. I wish you all the success. Eagerly looking forward to the pics and videos after you accomplish the feat.