Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good news at last!

My impatience eventually got the better of me-that and the fact that I had a horrible training session yesterday. Because I've been using the pullbuoy so much, it was starting to hurt higher up my back and everything just felt tight and horrible. So I decided that I had to go and get it checked out to make sure that I hadn't done any major damage and that I wasn't doing any more damage by training. I talked to Eilís and she made an appointment for me for this morning with a chiropractor that she highly recommended, James Cosgrave

So I went to him first thing this morning. After doing a short examination, he decided to send me for x-rays-he didn't think that anything was broken but wanted to make absolutely sure. He made an appointment for me to get them done straight away so off I went. They were amazingly fast and I headed back to him about a half an hour later, praying the whole time that they would come up clear of any fractures! And they did :)

Apparently my sacrum (part of my pelvis) is slightly out of line and my coccyx (my tailbone) is pushed slightly forward. And there's a lot of inflammation. But there should be no permenant damage done thankfully! He thinks that I should be right as rain and pain-free within four weeks of treatment and lots of ice packs :)

And the best thing of all is that I don't have to stop swimming while it's getting better....yay! I was really dreading that he'd tell me to take a break for a few weeks and let it get better, I'd go out of my mind! But I'm allowed to swim away-no speed work for a couple of weeks, just long, stretched-out swims (the kind that I like anyway!) and no circuits (yay!) for a while either. Basically he told me that I'm not allowed to do any of the things that I hate doing anyway!

I went up to Silver Springs after and told Eilís the great news and did my swim for the day-I'm back using my legs now, he said that using a pullbuoy would start causing problems in other areas, which it already had been doing. And the session went really well-I think that now that I know that I'm not doing any damage, I'm much more relaxed in the water, and then I'm not in so much pain. And I feel much better knowing-I was starting to think the worst when it wasn't really improving!! Now I can get focused on making it better and still continue with my training...all is good :)

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