Friday, May 22, 2009

Injury Time is Almost Over!

I guess I've been pretty lucky up until now on the injury front, especially with the distances that I've been doing in the pool. Unfortunately my luck has run out this past week. My shoulder that's been a little sore on and off the past few months decided to really start complaining last week. On Thursday it was quite sore, but Friday was the real decider-it was very painful to swim and didn't get any better as I warmed up. Time to rest it.

So I've been going to physio the past week and I've done no swimming, which felt very strange (as well as frustrating). But thankfully the break seems to be doing it good-I'm going to be easing back into it after the weekend. I can't wait!! I just have to be very careful now that I don't do too much too soon and end up back where I was. But hopefully the worst is over :)

So now the fun starts-I'm in the sea full-time from Monday onwards. All along I'd been really looking forward to this but I was really hoping that the water would have warmed up a bit by now! But I'm not going to be able to do huge distances next week anyway with my shoulder still recovering so it's a perfect time to start increasing my time in the cold water. Hopefully by the time I'm doing slightly longer stuff we'll have had some warmer weather (although I won't hold my breath!). And regardless of the temperature, it means that I have no tumble turns, no chlorine, no blue lines, no people in the way from now on. And that can only be a good thing!


M said...

dont worry bout the shoulder Lisa, the time off/ rest will do youn the world of good, a couple of weeks off at this stage will not harm you long term, like me you will be paranoid but dont worry, listen to your body..better to take the rest now and be happy about it later


Lisa said...

Thanks for the encouragement Mark-I know that the rest is doing good, I can feel a huge difference in the week that I've been resting it. It doesn't stop me itching to get back in though!! But I know that I need to get rid of this injury fully before launching back into things-no point in half sorting it now but then it flaring up in a few weeks again, or worse-in a couple of months when my swim will be so much closer!