Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's the weekend :)

So my latest facebook status reads..."Lisa  can't figure out where the week went...but who cares, it's the weekend!". And it's so true. This week has just totally flown by in a blur of pool-Sandycove-eating-sleeping. It's another long week metres-wise so my plan (knowing that this is a long weekend and I wouldn't want to be spending it in the pool!) was to get as much done as I could early in the week so that then I could have a bit of a break over the weekend. And the tides earlier on this week were evening tides too, so not only was I doing a lot in the pool, but I was then trying to get a trip to the sea in later on too. So I did have a couple of days this week where I literally spent the whole day training, eating, and traveling. So now I'm absolutely wrecked after the week. means that I practically have the weekend off!! Yesterday was just a short one, I'm meeting someone today for a short pool swim, I've got the Spike swim tomorrow (postponed after horrible weather last weekend) and the plan is to do a double in Sandycove on Monday. All nice, easy, short stuff! Yay for time off! Of course I've got the million other things that I should have been doing all week to catch up on instead...

It didn't feel like a great week training-wise. Nothing like last week anyway. But it tends to go like that I find....for every really good week there are a few bad ones. With the two long weeks in a row I was quite tired this week, and that wasn't helped by the fact that I was trying to squash everything into four days either. And that meant a lot of arguing with myself about why I should stay in the pool and get stuff done rather than just leaving it til tomorrow...when of course I won't feel like doing it either tomorrow! But it was worth all the tiredness to have a few nice easy days now.

I really am getting sick of the pool-I can't wait to be in the sea full-time! It's now May, so officially 'summer-time'...although Irish seasons don't necessarily follow this-in fact, they almost never do! I am starting to get more time in the open water since it came up to 10deg C. However, this past week we've had some cold weather again, and unfortunately it seems to have ruined the progress that the sea had made....both Monday and Tuesday evenings felt very cold in Sandycove, colder than it had been for a few weeks. So lets hope for good weather coming back in to heat things up again. The sooner it warms up, the sooner I can get out of the pool, and I'm SO looking forward to that!

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