Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy days!

It's one of those weeks where everything is going least in my swimming world anyway since I haven't had time for everything else!! It's a 75km week and I'm already over 60km and I've only got 4 days done! Monday was short but I've had long sessions the last 3 days, and they've gone really well-I actually really surprised myself at how strong I was at the end of today's 20km session even though I've done so much. I guess training is paying off :)

I've also been in the sea quite a bit. I did my longest swim of the year so far on Saturday, an hour and a quarter, and I was fine after-a bit of shivering but nothing unusual! And I did my first double lap of the year on Sunday. It was a very comfortable swim-conditions were good and I had fun doing it. I also went to the sea for a short swim yesterday-I'm trying to get there as often as I can now, the longer I can stay in the sooner it will be that I can get out of the pool and I'm SO sick of the pool! And this weekend is going to be busy on the open water front too-I've got my normal Sandycove swim on Sunday but I'm also doing my first organised swim of the year on's a 5km swim around Spike Island in Cobh Harbour. 

Spike Island Swim Route

I haven't thought much about the swim to be honest because I've been so busy swimming (and eating!) all week that I haven't really had time for anything else! But I'm sure that it will be a fun swim and it should be a little longer than I've done so far this year so it will be a good test for me. Hopefully it will go well, a good ending to a really good training week!

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