Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stopping the clock...

I've had a few conflicting reports on how long my swim took...some people said 35hrs 20mins, others said 35hrs 36mins. And to be honest, that evening when I got back on the boat it was the last thing on my mind-my shoulder was in so much pain that it could have been a time record and I wouldn't have cared less!! But I've been wondering about it since because my watch said 35hrs and 23secs when I finished so I couldn't figure out how I'd stopped it at some stage and started it again a while later, therefore losing 20 or 36mins on it. So I talked to Mike Oram and checked what the story is (still unofficial for now, it needs to be ratified before it becomes official). So here's the verdict:

Start time in England: 10:35am on 19th September 2009
Landing time in France: 1:11am on 20th September 2009
First leg England / France swim time - 14hrs 36 mins

Start time in France: 1:18am on 20th September 2009
Landing time in England: 9:35pm on 20th September 2009
Second leg France / England swim time - 20 hrs 24 mins (the return leg time includes the time spent in France)

Start time: 10:35am on 19th September 2009
Finish time: 9:35pm on 20th September 2009
Total for 2-way England / France / England - 35 hours

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