Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I went back to swimming tonight after a break of a couple of weeks, so I figured it would be a good time to update this blog too!

Things haven't been good for swimming lately. I've had lots of things going on, both work and personal stuff, and then I got sick, and then I had my trip to Florida last week (not complaining about that one at all!). The week before last I didn't get to the pool at all, and I only got one swim in last week while I was away...I was planning to swim much more but the pool constantly had kids in there and since it was a hotel pool it didn't have a swimming lane. So I got one swim of 2,370metres done but I spent more time dodging people than swimming so I figured it wasn't worth it trying again.

So that brings me to tonight...first night back at Sunday's Well. I had a good group in the lane tonight, only 4 of us so we pushed each other way more than a bigger group would. I didn't realise how much my fitness had dropped in the space of the couple of weeks, the workout killed me! I'm probably going to be stiff and sore tomorrow :(

Now that life is back to normal (whatever that means!), I'm going to try to get into a swimming routine of doing lane swimming on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights and then a long swim on my own on Friday nights, I've found that that's one time that's consistently pretty quiet at the pool (most people have better things to be doing with their Friday nights!). And then a shorter swim Saturday and possibly weights one day a week, I think that would all work out well. It's a lot of training but once I get into the routine it will be fine I think.

Time to post this and get to bed I think...wish me luck for being able to walk tomorrow!

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