Monday, March 24, 2008

Bad News :(

So the pool closest to me where I do my lane swimming has closed "indefinitely"...there was some storm damage done to the roof recently and they've closed to fix that, but the place could do with being renovated anyway so there's some talk that they may keep it closed to do that now. It would be nice to have the place done up but it's really annoying that the only place I have to swim now is the college pool on the other side of the city. It also means that I have no structured swimming sessions in the week for now.

Other than that everything is going good, I did a nice long session yesterday afternoon, I'm stiff today from it! I really enjoyed it, it was nice to be able to really push myself while the pool was quiet, I got out of the pool absolutely exhausted but it was a great feeling! I need some more of those sessions to keep me motivated...I find it WAY too easy to be lazy!!

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