Monday, March 31, 2008

Sandycove Again!

Two days since my first sea swim of 2008 and I returned to the place of remind myself of what it feels like to jump into a freezing cold body of water and try to make my arms and legs move fast enough to warm myself up to where I can feel them again. Am I crazy? At least I wasn't the only crazy one there, we arrived to Sandycove to find two people getting ready to swim, one of whom was Finbarr who plans to swim the Channel this summer. They headed off as I got ready to swim (and as my poor dog, Fallon, went crazy in the car because she couldn't understand why we weren't letting her near the water that she could plainly see!).

The water looked nicer today, it was very calm...the air temperature felt much colder though, which wasn't very helpful in encouraging me to get in! But get in I did, had the same feeling that I'd never breathe again for my first trip out and back and then I settled into it and made another two that time my arms and legs were getting pretty numb! So Sarah left Fallon out of the car down to me and I tried to get her to swim out to me...totally confused the poor dog, she's used to having us on the beach, not in the water!! She wasn't too impressed by the deep water off the pier either, she got in and then panicked when she was out of her depth right away, resulting in me having to rescue her and show her how to get out!

Fallon looking at the deep water off the pier with disdain!

Sarah ended up having to take her all the way around to the shore area so that she could paddle away happily while I got dressed and warmed up!

My plan is to head down to Sandycove next on Friday, there's an organised swim on Friday evening. So I'm hoping to do a little more that evening-maybe swim out some of the way with the others and turn back when I'm too cold rather than just swimming in and out close to the pier. I'm already shivering thinking about it though!!!

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