Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 5: All Over :(

On our last morning we had a nice relaxing swim up to one of the caves just outside the bay. It has a tunnel through that gets really dark until you can see the light coming through the water from the other side, it was so pretty. The tunnel leads back out into the bay but there is a rock at the end of it that extends a couple of metres down into the water. So to get out that way we had to dive down under the rock and come up the other side. I was a little nervous to dive down because my ears don’t do so well down deep but they were fine, and it was well worth doing it just for the fun factor (plus it meant we didn’t have to swim back through the tunnel and around to get back into the bay!). It was a fun ending to a really fantastic camp :)

Then it was time to say our goodbyes...I met some really great people on the trip and I'm sure I'll be seeing some of them again in the future. It was a really well-organised camp and I just wish I was back there now...I'm jealous of the people who still have it all ahead of them over the next few weeks!!!

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