Saturday, April 11, 2009


Today is one of a few milestones that have happened in my training over the last few weeks. It is 5 months today to the start of my swim tides. 5 months of training left. It seems like a lot now (in fact it seems neverending sometimes!), but I know how fast time has been passing-I'm sure that those 5 months will go by quickly too!

I also had two milestones while I was in Malta. On March 29th it was a year since my first sea swim. It feels like forever! It's been a great year :) Also, I have now completed over a million metres since I started training with EilĂ­s in October. That's about 28.5 times across the Channel. Sounds like a lot-but of course that's done over 6 months, so on average it's about one Channel crossing per week. I wonder how much that figure will have changed by next September!

My next big milestone needs to be my first double lap of the year...I stayed in for an hour today so I can last the time, I just need to find someone else who wants to join me...hopefully tomorrow or Monday.

Happy Easter...enjoy the chocolate eggs! (I'm making the big sacrifice of eating lots of them in the name of gaining's a big sacrifice I tell you!)

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