Wednesday, April 8, 2009


The camp began on Saturday evening with us all meeting each other and meeting our guides, John Coningham-Rolls, Simon Murie and Freda Streeter. We were all very happy to have Freda there, she has trained so many Channel swimmers in Dover each summer and is a gold mine of knowledge and information. We were told that another guide, Lizzie de Bono, would arrive the following day too. We met the others in the group but some hadn't arrived yet so we left proper introductions for the following morning.

They wasted no time in getting us in the water-we were instructed to bring swim gear to the meeting and they told us that we were doing a short swim in the bay outside the hotel. It really was a short swim-we only stayed in for about 10mins. Surprisingly, the water felt cold...even though it was 15deg C! I expected it to feel comfortable after having swam in much colder temperatures at home all winter. But it definitely felt chilly. 

We swam around in a small loop, they were judging to see which group each of us would swim with-they break the swimmers into three groups by speed so that it's easier to manage having 14 swimmers in the water at once. I ended up in the middle group which I expected, I'm very much an average speed swimmer! After our swim it was time for dinner and then bed...the plan for the morning was to meet for proper introductions and briefing and then a swim. Much to look forward to...

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